Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chapter 8

Molly and Richie seemed to be hitting it off really well. Keira could see them talking and laughing, so she detoured to the bar, not wanting to interrupt them. She also knew that Richie would remember her, and she didn't want Molly to find out that they already knew each other. She was grateful that Jon hadn't blown her cover, and she wasn't willing to risk Richie blowing it. She and Molly had been best friends for 11 years, yet Keira still wasn't ready to reveal that part of her past.

She supposed that the reason she kept the secret buried is because it made it easier to forget Jon. As Molly had proclaimed during the concert, Jon was not an easy man to ignore, but Keira had done a pretty good job of doing just that throughout the past 12 years. She was quick to change the channel whenever a Bon Jovi song, interview, or news story came on. It wasn't that she hated him, or that she was jealous of his success; in fact, it was quite the opposite. She simply didn't like the raw emotion that struck her every time she saw a photo of him. He was her old friend and he'd been her very first lover, and there would always be a place for him in her heart. The fact that he'd moved on without her still hurt -- even if it had been her decision. The touring, the groupies, the craziness that his life had suddenly become back then -- she just couldn't imagine ever fitting into that, and in the end, she pushed him away. Most of the time she didn't regret that decision. She had her own successful career, a wonderful boyfriend, great friends, and a nice place to live. Ignoring Jon and his high-profile life had worked out just fine for her.

So why do I feel like such shit right now? said the persistent voice in her head.

Turning to the bar, she resisted the urge to buy another shot of tequila -- maybe that will shut you up, stupid voice, she thought fleetingly -- and ordered a diet coke instead. Spotting an empty chair nearby, she settled into it to wait for Molly. Sneaking a glance across the room, she could see that Jon was surrounded by fans. Cassandra was trying to stay close to him, looking possessive and slightly bored. What the hell is he doing with her? Keira wondered. Sure, she was gorgeous, but Jon had never been a fan of the needy type.

Suddenly Keira became aware of someone slowly approaching her. Looking up, she realized it was David Bryan. He was studying her, as if trying to determine that she was really who he thought she was. As soon as he saw her face, he broke into a huge grin. "Holy shit, I thought it was you! Where have you been all my life, Kathy?"

Keira gave him a genuine smile and stood up to greet him, setting her drink on the small table next to her chair. He held his arms out and she gladly fell into them, giving him a warm hug. She loved Dave, and it was amazing to see him again. In high school, he'd been good friends with Jon, and he had accepted Kathryn as "one of the guys". He was friendly, outgoing and quick witted, and she could recall countless times when she'd ended up laughing until she cried over something he'd said or done. When was the last time she'd laughed that hard? She wondered.

Dave held her at arm's length and asked, "So what brings you here?"

"My friend Molly ran into Jon and sweet-talked some tickets out of him. She has the hots for Richie. "

"Ahhh," Dave nodded, knowingly. "Yeah, Richie's been messed up since the whole Heather/Denise thing. Jon's been trying to hook him up with someone normal."

Keira laughed. "I don't know if I'd call Molly normal, but she's a sweetheart."

"So what's new with you?"

"Not too much. I live in New York, write books...what about you?"

"Wow, so you followed your heart. Congratulations, Kathryn. Oh, not too much is new with me. I have a wife, a couple kids, and this little side job that I do every now and then," he said, gesturing toward the stage area. "It's nothing special, but it keeps me busy."

She smiled. "I bet it does."

"It's really nice to see you again. It's been too long. I bet Jon must have been happy to see you."

She shrugged. "Yeah, I don't know. We didn't have a lot of time to talk. Cassandra needed attention."

Dave groaned. "Ugh. Don't get me started on her. That woman gets on my last nerve. None of us know what he sees in her - she must have super powers in the sack or something."

Keira just stared at him with a smile fixed on her face, and Dave groaned again. "I'm sorry, I forgot who I was talking to," he patted her shoulder and said in a reassuring tone, "Don't worry, Kathy, I'm sure she isn't better in bed than you were. Jon told me you were a tiger." He swiped his hand through the air like a tiger's claw and growled.

Laughing, Keira wondered, how is it that I never realized how much I miss Dave?

Suddenly, Dave stepped over to the bar and grabbed a napkin. Pulling the Sharpie marker that he used for signing autographs from behind his ear, he jotted down a phone number and handed it to Keira. "This is my cell. We only have a few more nights left on this tour, and then we'll be home for a few months. We should hang out and catch up with one another. Give me a call." He hugged her again and then headed off to mingle with some more fans.

Within minutes, Keira could see Molly and Richie exchanging numbers, and then Molly turned around and scanned the room for her friend. When she saw Keira, she waved and walked over. "Mission accomplished," she said and winked. "You ready to get out of here?"

Eager to hear how things had gone with Richie, Keira stood up and headed toward the exit with Molly, forcing herself not to look back at Jon.


SoulGirl said...

Another great chapter!!! I love David already, he's so funny, they tiger comment had me laughing outloud as I so pictured that, LOL.

Great chapter alot of thinking..for our heroine, god I wanna know what happens, Cassandra isnt good enough for him!!!!

Cant wait for more :)

Sunstreaked said...

How did she manage to walk out of the room without looking at Jon?

You took something that could have been so typical and changed it from the normal way to one that made me the reader go "WTF?"


johnnajovi said...

I am new to the fan fiction sites. I have been a Bon Jovi fan since the Runaway days! I have to say I really like what I am reading about Jon, Richie, Dave, and Tico. The tiger comment made me laugh. I can't wait to read what happens in this book..Keep up the good work!