Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chapter 34

Jon closed his eyes for a minute, losing himself in the sensation of her stroking hand. “So…” he said, forcing himself to talk even though talking was the last thing he wanted to do right then. “Do you want to be underneath me right here…or should we take it upstairs?”

She moved in for another kiss, continuing the motions of her hand. “I don’t care. You can do me right here. Upstairs is too far away.”

This was a side of Kathryn that Jon hadn’t seen in a long time, and it completely shut down the logical side of his brain. If she wanted to act purely on carnal instinct, then he was going to too.

Not breaking their kiss, he used his feet to push his jeans all the way off, then kicked them out of the way. He curved his fingertips into the waistband of her pants and tugged. “Are you gonna help me with these, or what?”

She laughed softly. “You’re the rock star. Don’t you know how to remove women’s clothing by now?” As she spoke, she was busy unfastening the front of her pants and pushing them off.

Wise ass,” he said, and dropped to his knees in front of her.

He slid her bikini bottom down over her legs until she stood before him, completely naked. He ran his fingertips up her inner thighs and gently parted her with his thumbs, then leaned closer and slipped his tongue into her wet heat. She gasped and grabbed onto his shoulders as her knees threatened to give out.

He expertly explored her with his tongue, taking his sweet time and paying close attention to her reactions. Keira couldn’t remember another time in her life when her senses had been this heightened. She was close to coming again, and she dove her fingers into his hair and gasped, “Jon, please – I want you inside me…now.”

He completed one last slow circle with his tongue, then looked up at her, his eyes dark with desire. Then he leaned back on his haunches and she straddled his thighs, using her hands to guide him to her opening. For a minute she hovered above him, sliding the head of his cock up and down against her, around her entrance and then against her clit, soaking him in her juices and putting her right on the edge of another orgasm. She had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip, completely adrift in a sea of pleasure.

He was throbbing with the need to be inside her – now. On one of her forward strokes, he tipped his head and caught one of her nipples in his mouth. She cried out and lowered herself onto his shaft, taking him as deep inside as she could. He let out a low growl and dug his fingers into her hips, rocking upward to go even deeper. She cried out in pleasure so intense that it bordered on pain. Hurts so good.

The feeling of being filled up by him was so all-encompassing that for a few seconds Keira couldn’t move. She contracted her muscles around him, wanting him to stay buried deep within her forever. She grasped his head in her hands and dragged his mouth to hers, kissing him with an urgency she’d never known before.

Slowly, she began to move her hips, tentatively at first, then gaining speed. She rode him hard, rocking her hips back until just the head of his cock was inside her, then slamming forward to take him deep again, over and over. She slid her open mouth down the side of his neck, tasting the salt of the ocean mixed with the salt of his sweat. She moaned against his skin.

Jon put his mouth against her ear and murmured, “I want to watch you come again.”

“Oh, fuck,” she breathed, as his words nearly put her over the edge right then. She stilled the motion of her hips, trying to hold back.

He sank his teeth gently into her neck, then whispered, “Come for me, baby.”

He rocked his hips and she exploded, bucking against him and screaming as she came long and hard. He watched her; her head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut, fingernails digging into his arms as she rode wave after wave. Watching her lose control sent Jon hurtling over the edge with her, clamping his mouth down on her shoulder to muffle his groans as he came.

For a few minutes they stayed in that position, wrapped around each other, breathing hard, hearts pounding. Eventually Keira began to giggle, softly at first, but then harder. Surprised, Jon pulled back to look at her. “What?”

“I can’t unclench my toes.”

He grinned at her. “Ahh, it was a toe-curler, huh?” He said proudly.

She swatted his shoulder and then wrapped her arms around him again. “Well…I guess we should get up. I have to go reply to Molly’s text with a big, fat ‘oh yeah’.”


Anonymous said...

I just found this story tonight & have read it from start to finish. I love it!!! Great story line, character development and it flows wonderfully. I'd put it in the same class as The Layover. It was the characters that kept us readers hooked with that story as well as Jilliane's descriptive bedroom scenes. You've got that same talent. Can't wait to see how it develops.

I wonder what Rob found at her place or saw that has him wanting to talk to her & being so cold. She clearly needs to let him go & figure this thing with Jon out. Sounds like Kathy has a bit of pain & guilt to deal with but better to deal with it & move on then live a lie. I also wonder what the future holds for Jon & Kathy.

Great story!! Can't wait for more. I'm glad you're sharing so we can all escape from reality for awhile. Sorry for the long dialogue but when you read it all in one sitting, you've got lots to say, lol.


Anonymous said...

To clarify, I meant how the story develops not your talent. You got it girl, in spades!!


allina_90 said...

Oh dear´! Lady, you touched a sensitive point!!!

What a great chapter! When you read it you can do nothing but dive deep into it and enjoy! An amazing job!!!

Daydreamer- said...

Hi Maria & Alina, thanks so much for your comments!

Maria, I'm glad you're enjoying the story. You just made my day by saying that you think it's on the same level as The Layover - that's the highest compliment I could ever receive!

To be honest, I started this story on a whim and didn't put much thought into where it would eventually go. So now I'm floundering a bit, trying to map out a path for the characters. Your comments have given me a renewed desire to put my all into it. Thank you!!

SoulGirl said...

Explosive and HOT. Sheesh, that was well worth the build up of all that tension between them. Great scene, now I need ice... a lot of ice.

And don't worry evry writer go through that what now part, I know I am as well so dont give up this is great.

Daydreamer- said...

Thanks, Soulgirl! I'm glad you think the scene was worth waiting for - I built up the tension SO much that I was afraid I wouldn't do their first encounter justice! LOL :)

Opester said...

I would agree that the story has been superb! I am really enjoying this and I don't say that lightly as I'm a perfectionist and quite hard to please and there are very few stories out there that I think are truly top notch-this is one! The writing is truly of a professional quality and the character development is superior-and did I mention what a pleasure it is to read something that is grammatically perfect? Even good story lines become tiresome when there are many grammatical errors as so many fics do, but this is flawless and I thank you for getting it all right!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Soul Girl and Opester it is outstanding. This last chapter definitely has lived up to even more than I expected. I am a faithful reader of all three of you exceptionally gifted ladies. Thank you all for sharing your gifts with all of us. Please keep writing. I am patiently awaiting another chapter from each of you. You all have me captivated.


Daydreamer- said...

Hi Opester and Lisa! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I'm having a blast writing this. It's definitely an escape for me. It means a lot to me to know that people are reading and enjoying it.

Opester, I'm glad you appreciate my grammatical perfection (LOL). I was the kid who always used to nearly win the spelling bee in elementary school, but then I'd deliberately spell the last word wrong because I was too shy to win the whole thing.

Same thing with my stories. I spent hours, and even days, writing stories as a kid (even Bon Jovi stories, when I was in 5th & 6th grade) but I would never let anyone read them because I was too embarrassed. So this is a very fun experience for me, to be able to write anonymously and have people enjoy it. The funny thing is, I'm still keeping the whole thing secret from my family and friends.