Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just a note...

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story!

Several people have asked me about the ages of the characters in the story. I wanted the main female characters to be in their early 30's, so it ended up being that Jon would have to be about 34 in it, in order for him and Keira to have been in high school together. I realize that the Lost Highway album was released with him in his mid 40's, so some people were confused about his age. I just wanted to point out that the discrepancy was deliberate on my part, and I hope it doesn't confuse too many readers.

I should also add that even though Jon has 4 kids in real life, in my story he doesn't have any. I have two reasons behind this: first, I don't feel comfortable writing about his kids because I don't know anything about them, and second, this story is my escape from reality (and I have 3 kids of my own) and I don't want kids entering into my little fantasy. LOL!!!!

I hope you're able to "willingly suspend disbelief" and enjoy the story anyway. :)


Sunstreaked said...

Thanks so much for the info regarding your characters and their ages! I like the story and am willing to "suspend disbelief" for such good dialogue and a really interesting premise.

You did a good thing explaining where you were coming from and as a reader, I sure appreciate it!

Daydreamer- said...

I was thinking that, for the sake of this story, we can just pretend that Bon Jovi released all of their albums a lot quicker in it than they did in real life. :)

Opester said...

Great explanation and a big thank you from me for not including the kids- it will be a refreshing change of pace for me too (I don't have any myself-just 4 furry ones that I occasionally try to escape-but most of the fics keep true to Jon's story, so this will be interesting and offers opportunities for surprise!) If you also decide not to have them have a child together, I will be even more grateful as so many fics end up that way and it is far from an interesting ending at this point in time! (Just my thoughts and my preference!)

Daydreamer- said...

Hi Opester, thanks for your input. I can pretty much guarantee that our heroine in this story will NOT end up pregnant. I've spent nearly 3 out of the last 8 years pregnant myself, so I am REALLY not into writing about pregnancy. ;)

(I feel the need to add a little "mommy guilt disclaimer" here: I love my kids more than anything in the world. I just don't want them in my fantasy, that's all. LOL!!)

Of course...I shouldn't really guarantee anything because I swear chapter 14 just wrote itself. I was planning on having Rob & Keira break up over dinner, but Rob had other plans. Now I understand what all you other writers have said about how the characters take on lives of their own!

Opester said...

It's so true, daydreamer! The muse tells me what to write and even when I argue and want to go in a different direction, she wins anyway. I follow my own story with just as much interest as those I didn't write as I never know where it's going until I start tyoing. The only chapter I planned was the first one I wrote-after that I blame the muse!