Monday, August 18, 2008

Chapter 33

Keira was done with being cautious and overthinking things. She wanted him more than she'd ever wanted anyone before, and she’d deal with the consequences later. The only way she was going to cure her ache for him was to give in to it.

Jon didn’t move a muscle as she approached. He still had his arms raised and his hands folded behind his head. He had no idea what her intentions were, but he had every intention of letting her do it.

Keira slipped her hands under his shirt, needing to touch his bare skin. She slid her palms slowly over the firm muscles of his stomach and up through the hair on his chest, then back down again to let her fingertips linger at the button of his jeans. He smiled at her with a gleam in his eye; an unspoken dare to see how far she’d go. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pushed it up, wanting him to take it off. He put his hands on hers to slow her down. “You first,” he murmured, a challenge.

The haze of desire was so thick that Keira could hardly see straight. She wasn’t in the mood for games, so she tugged her shirt over her head and tossed it away, standing in front of him in her bikini top. He shook his head, smiling. “You never could back down from a dare, could you, Kathy?” he teased affectionately. Then he held his arms up over his head. “Go ahead,” he said, jerking his chin down to indicate his shirt. Her breath caught in her throat as she reached out to pull it up and over his head.

For a minute neither of them moved. She stood there and drank him in with her eyes, trying to memorize every inch of him as he stood there in nothing but a pair of jeans. He opened his mouth to speak but she silenced him by pressing two fingers to his lips. “Don't talk,” she said in a voice that was more like a moan. “I just want your fucking mouth on me.”

Just like that, the teasing glint was gone from Jon’s eyes. He groaned and obeyed, bringing his mouth down hard against hers. The kiss was wild and unrelenting and she felt the last shred of her self control dissipating. Oh well. No need for self control tonight. She wrapped her arms around him and surrendered, kissing him for all she was worth.

She felt his hands working the clasp of her bikini top, and it didn’t take long for him to unfasten it. Talented fingers. He pushed the straps off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Splaying his hands across her back , he pulled her against him, pressing her naked breasts into his bare chest. The feeling of skin-on-skin contact was almost too much for her. Throbbing with need for him, she sank her teeth into his full lower lip, almost hard enough to draw blood. The line between pleasure and pain was so blurred that he couldn’t figure out which sensation was which, and he didn't care. He just wanted more.

He slowly trailed his fingertips down her sides, making her shiver. Then he ran them up over her flat stomach and cupped her breasts with his hands. His palms were hot against her nipples and she arched her back, pressing herself harder into his hands. Their eyes met, but she was so turned on that she wasn’t really seeing anything.

Keira slid her hands down his back and grabbed his ass, pulling him toward her to grind against his hardness. She crushed her lips to his again and moaned as they kissed, tongues furiously searching each others’ mouths. She was so wet and ready for him, and knew that she didn’t want to wait much longer.

She dropped to her knees before him and undid the button of his jeans. He held his breath and wove his fingers into her hair, closing his eyes. She slid the zipper down to discover that he wore nothing underneath. She tilted her head and put her mouth sideways over his straining hardness, then shoved impatiently at his jeans until they were down to his knees and out of her way, freeing him and taking his cock into her mouth. She feasted on him, savoring his taste and texture, and wrapped her right hand tightly around his shaft to match the movements of her mouth. She stroked him long and hard with her lips, tongue and hand until she felt his knees threatening to buckle. He reached down to pull her back up.

“You taste so fucking good,” she murmured as they kissed again. He slid his hands down her stomach and tried to undo the button of her pants. They were complicated, an eye and hook closure as well as a button, and when he couldn’t figure it out he groaned in frustration and slipped his right hand into the front of them instead. His fingers stealthily found their way into her bikini bottom and he slid his fingers into the wet heat of her, stroking for a minute before sliding his middle finger into her. She gasped, moaned, thrust her pelvis into his hand. He slid his finger slowly out and then in again, and she cried out and came suddenly, tightening like a vise around his finger. He felt her contracting around him, and it turned him right the fuck on. Her face was flushed and her eyes were half shut when her orgasm died down, and for a few minutes she couldn’t move. Then she reached down to put her hand over his as he withdrew his finger.

He brought his hand up and put his finger in his mouth, tasting her, almost taunting her with his eyes. "I told you I'd have you squirming when I brought you back to my place," he said with a devilish grin.

She reached down to stroke him. "I want to be squirming underneath you."


allina_90 said...

Oh dear, how can you stop now?

A new part, please!!!

SoulGirl said...

Ohhh Lordy. All caught up and I have missed some tension.

HOT HOT HOT. Loved it and the last line, lol..

Opester said...

Very arousing indeed-captures the tremendous pent up passion that's been waiting for an outlet. I had to laugh at her pants being "complicated"-the double entendre with a song lyric just got me-great stuff!